The improvement of health outcomes and reduction of health inequities in BBV and STI populations requires surveillance, research and evaluation of the highest standards of scholarship that is directly relevant to policy and practice.

BRISE will implement a number of strategies to successfully maximise the use of BBV and STI research, including the central involvement of stakeholder groups representing marginalised communities.

Strategies that will be implemented include:

  • Establishing expert advisory committees to guide and oversee research projects
  • Disseminating annual research updates to NSW Health and key stakeholders
  • Producing and disseminating reports and summaries of significant research and evaluation projects
  • Delivering evidence synthesis reports that compile published and unpublished data
  • Publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals
  • Providing expert advice on BBV and STI related issues provided to NSW Health
  • Delivering presentations and briefings at relevant policy forums and meetings
  • Convening an annual BBV and STI research forum to discuss findings and new evidence
  • Participating in relevant NSW Health and sector advisory groups and committees

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