BBV and STI programs of surveillance, research and evaluation that are relevant, productive, influential and sustainable are a necessary response to the evolving and expanding suite of strategies that support health policy.

BRISE will develop a comprehensive and integrated research program that addresses issues regarding prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care of affected communities with BBV and STI. The Research Plan that underpins the program will be developed in close collaboration with key stakeholder representatives from the BRISE Advisory Board and reviewed annually.

The research program will encompass:

  • Monitoring frameworks developed for NSW Health BBV and STI related strategies, including collation of key indicators
  • Significant evaluations relevant to NSW Health BBV and STI related strategies
  • Applied research and quality improvement projects, developed and conducted in collaboration with local health districts and/or NGOs
  • Primary and secondary BBV and STI research projects
  • Provision of advice to NSW Health for research, monitoring and evaluation design
  • Proposals for ongoing surveillance, research and evaluation to support the program

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